$80M+ added to pipeline

We fix the holes in your Google Ads funnel.

Scaling B2B ad campaigns on Google Ads & LinkedIn Ads can be tough. We're here to take away the guesswork.

"Leadist.io is amazing. They dropped our cost per lead down over 80%, resulting in double the leads at the same cost."

Stop guessing. We'll show you what to do next.

Your Advertising Performance Audit will give you actionable next steps to boost ROI

Lower cost per lead and increase volume and quality

Scale campaigns successfully to boost ROI across channels

Get sales funnels tips to boost current results instantly

Case Study

Weldlogic Inc.

Weldlogic was paying $280+ per lead with their previous PPC agency.

After 12 months of redesigning their website/landing pages and optimizing their Google Ads account, they are paying $35 per lead and have increased lead quality at the same time.

How does it work exactly?

You are running ads, but feeling that the results are flatlining

We audit your account & establishes clear KPI's

You generate more sales & can grow your business

We've added over $80m to our clients' pipelines.

"Excellent. Thank you for continuing to optimize the system that provides us with qualified leads every month... We're booked until next year."

David Zasloff

Weldlogic Inc.

"I recommend Leadist.io for anything related to demand generation, new product launches, market research, creative, sales and marketing."

Daniel Newman

CrowdFood Inc.

No confusion. 100% clarity.

👉 Deliverable: In-Depth Report on Your Ads Performance and Actionable Steps to Improve ROI

👉 Deliverable: 1 to 2 Hour Recorded Audit Review Call with Deep Insights from Our Team of Experts

👉 Delivery in 5 Business Days

👉 $2,000 $999 One-Time Fee

👉 Money-Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I pay for an audit?

At some point, any Google Ads or LinkedIn Ads account can get stale. Whether you're managing it in-house or have an agency working on it, it makes sense to get a second opinion.

Not only does our team of experts give you an audit of your current performance, but we provide actionable next steps to improve ROI immediately.

Q: Do you have a guarantee?

Of course! We have a 7-day refund policy. If you didn't feel like you got the value you paid for after our audit review call, we will issue a full refund, no questions asked. This is a no-risk offer.

Q: Why get an audit from Leadist.io?

Our lean team of experts has over 10 years of combined experience in Google Ads. We've scaled campaigns from $10/day to $1,000/day profitably and we've added well over $80 million to our clients' pipelines over the past 2 years.

Q: How long does it take to get my audit?

5 business days. We will reach out and book our Audit Review Call when we are finishing up the audit document.

Q: Do you have the magic bullet that will fix my company's ROI from paid ads?

Yes and no. Obviously, every case is different and we cannot drive amazing results for sub-standard products or services, or create miracles out of the blue.

But, we have spent the last 5 years building the perfect paid ads process & team. We've found that following this process, with our committed team's input, always drives results for our clients.

Q: Who is Leadist.io? Is this a team?

We are a focused, remote team that is passionate about growth, both on a business and personal level. We work together to create a culture that combines personal freedom with solid, documented processes that are always improving, for the benefit of our clients.

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